SEC primary update: How New Hampshire could boost Donald Trump in the South

Days until New Hampshire primary: 0

Days until SEC Primary: 21

If tonight's New Hampshire results – as polling indicates – create an establishment muddle, that strengthens Donald Trump as the race turns southward to South Carolina and the SEC. Trumpistas' best hope is for none of the establishment candidates to surge into a strong second, and none do poorly enough to drop out. (National Review)


Hillary Clinton has redeployed three of her Iowa staffers to Texas. (Houston Chronicle)


Clinton backer U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, is concerned there is not enough "stimulation" by the Clinton campaign in Texas, as Bernie Sanders' crowd has been quite active. (Dallas Morning News)


The Ted Cruz campaign sent a fundraising solicitation that includes a fake check, which could violate Texas law. A liberal group has filed a complaint. (Houston Chronicle)


Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are sniping over the use of eminent domain in building the Texas Rangers' baseball stadium, in a deal pushed by the Rangers' then-managing partner George W. Bush. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)


The Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio campaigns will soon open Nashville-area offices. (Memphis Commercial Appeal)


The Donald Trump campaign has alerted backers in Memphis that he is coming to the area at some point, and he will give them 24 hours' notice on the date. (Memphis Commercial Appeal)


Hillary Clinton has often weighed in on local issues in key states, but she's staying far away from her pal Gov. Terry McAuliffe's controversial gun deal with the National Rifle Association. (McClatchy)


Responding to a rope line question, Hillary Clinton said she was against drilling off the Atlantic coast, another split with McAuliffe and an issue that impacts fellow SEC state Georgia. (Blue Virginia)


An Oklahoma state senator decamped to New Hampshire to stump for Marco Rubio. (The Oklahoman)