Rule No. 2 for Tasers on campus: ‘Don’t be a jerk’

Credit: Jim Galloway

Credit: Jim Galloway

Numerous new state laws go into effect today, but none will get more attention than House Bill 792, which permits students to carry stun guns and electro-shock devices on public university campuses. From our AJC colleague Kristina Torres:

Students at least 18 years old will now be legally able to carry Tasers and stun guns on Georgia’s public college and university campuses. Some dubbed the effort “campus carry lite” — after a bill vetoed by Gov. Nathan Deal that would have allowed some students to carry guns on Georgia campuses.

A police-grade Taser X26. AP file/Michael Conroy

The author of the law — state Rep. Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville — said he intended to provide an alternative to students wanting to protect themselves on campus but not use a lethal weapon. The law states that what are formally called electroshock weapons must only be used for self-defense, getting to concerns by some lawmakers that somebody could use the device to zap somebody else just for fun.

It’s that concern over the potential misuse of Tasers that apparently has caused Brockway to produce the above YouTube clip, offering advice on how to avoid getting zapped. Rule No. 1 is simple. Don’t break the law. Rule No. 2 is more interpretive:

"Don't be a jerk. If you're at a party or walking home late at night back to your dorm, and decide to be a jerk to your fellow student, you might get Tased."

Then there’s Rule No. 3, which is never a problem on college campuses:

"Don't get drunk or high. Wasted people make stupid decisions that usually start with the phrase, 'Hey, watch this!'"

So power up, kids, but be careful out there.