‘Political Rewind’ replay: Chances diminish for a quick end to Sixth District race

Credit: Jim Galloway

Credit: Jim Galloway

Today's edition of GPB's "Political Rewind" began with an assessment of Democrat Jon Ossoff's chances of breaking the 50 percent barrier on Tuesday. The consensus: Not likely, but possible.

Other topics included President Donald Trump’s new enthusiasm for military action and his executive order that could ultimately lead to a denial of federal funding for Planned Parenthood in Republican-controlled states. Including Georgia.

If you couldn’t catch it live, listen to it here now:

Today’s panelists: Host Bill Nigut; yours truly; Michael Owens, chairman of the Cobb County Democratic party; Chip Lake, a Republican strategist; and Melita Easters, executive director of Georgia's WIN List, a group dedicated to the election of pro-choice women candidates.