Ossoff, Handel split over Georgia's 'campus carry' measure

Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff.
Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff.

Credit: Isaac Sabetai

Credit: Isaac Sabetai

The candidates in Georgia's 6th District race are divided over one of the state's biggest gun rights debates.

Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel are split over the “campus carry” gun rights expansion, which is squarely in the spotlight as the National Rifle Association gathers in Atlanta for its annual convention.

Ossoff said in an interview that he “absolutely” supports the Second Amendment and grew up with firearms in his household. But he said he was opposed to the measure pending on Gov. Nathan Deal’s measure.

“As we prepare young people in Georgia for the high-tech economy, they should be able to sit in class without worrying whether the student next to them has a Glock on their hip,” he said.Handel said through a spokeswoman that the measure “is in keeping with the personal protections granted in the Second Amendment.

“Significant changes to address concerns from the governor after last year's veto have been added to improve the bill,” said the spokeswoman, Kate Constantini. “This bill treats law abiding 21 year olds responsible enough to go through the process of a background check and acquiring a concealed weapons permit like the adults they are."

The June 20 runoff to represent the district, which spans from east Cobb to north DeKalb, is seen as an early test of Donald Trump's popularity and a dry run for next year's midterm elections.

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