Nathan Deal's latest optimistic ad claims he 'delivered on his promise'

Gov. Nathan Deal's campaign released the latest in a string of optimistic ads trumpeting the Republican's economic policy, saying he has "delivered on his promise" of making Georgia a more competitive state. At the same time, the campaign is reviving a separate airwave attack on Democrat Jason Carter's education stance.

The above 30-second spot, called "When," begins airing in metro Atlanta today. It tries to make the case that Deal has pressed much of the year: That his economic policies have made Georgia the No. 1 place in the nation to do business.

Carter has been trying to undercut that message by calling Deal's strategy a "grab bag" philosophy and pointing to this month's news that Georgia has the nation's second-highest jobless rate.

At the same time, voters outside of Atlanta will see a pair of 15-second spots, originally released in June, that question why Carter voted for the three budgets before he ran for higher office but decided this year to oppose the state spending plan.

The Democrat gave his most complete answer yet to that question on Monday, saying he voted for those budgets in the spirit of bipartisanship but cast a "no" vote after a statewide tour of schools last year opened his eyes to troubles facing schools.

The sunny pro-jobs ad that Atlanta viewers will soon see follows Deal's earlier - and equally buoyant - "Georgia is on the move" message. Here's the text of the ad:

Nathan Deal used tax reform and regulatory reform to help existing businesses grow and convince new companies to come here and bring their jobs with them.

(Narrator lifts welder's mask)

Good paying jobs for people just like us whose futures are even brighter.

(Voiceover): Nathan Deal. Real jobs. Real change.