On Nathan Deal's behalf, new group praises women in business -- even downloadable ones

We've got a new player in Georgia's race for governor – and perhaps other contests as well.

A 501(c)4 group calling itself the Coalition for Georgia's Future has this TV ad that's about to launch, in praise of Gov. Nathan Deal:

By its IRS code, the group is prohibited from actually endorsing a candidate. But you’ll notice that it’s aimed at a demographic group with which the Republican governor has struggled. Consider it an adjunct to the Sandra Deal roll-out.

We do not know who is providing the money behind it, but Republican Chip Lake is its face. And if you look at the Facebook endorsements the group has piled up, there's no denying some deep GOP roots.

Officially, the non-profit group lives in a Roswell post office box. Stefan Passantino of McKenna, Long & Aldridge in Atlanta is its registered agent.

Updated at 1:45 p.m.: That opening shot of the African-American woman opening her new business? She only cost $79 to download on Shutterstock, the state Democratic party informs us. She comes with this description:

"A happy and excited female shopkeeper stands outside of her small independent shop to welcome potential customers. She is holding an 'open' sign and wearing a colorful apron."

All the women came from stock footage, said Rebecca DeHart, executive director of the state Democratic party. "I’m pretty sure there should be a disclaimer of some kind saying 'No real Georgia women were used to create this ad,'" she wrote in an email.