Michael Williams tries again to pick a fight with Casey Cagle

State Sen. Michael Williams, R-Cumming, this morning again tried to draw Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a rival for the GOP nomination for governor, into a public feud.

Williams took to the well to accuse Senate Republican leaders of shutting down his measure to designate Sept. 1 as Childhood Cancer Awareness day.

The senator said all was going well with the legislation until word got out that he would challenge Cagle (and others) for the Republican gubernatorial operation. Williams took specific aim at state Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee.

“He thought, how dare this senator run against his boy Casey,” Williams said.

Williams, who has refiled his legislation, then said this. “Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, I have an easy request for you today. This request does not require any courage whatsoever. It’s a request that, I simply ask you, to put aside political ambition.”

Williams asked Cagle to let his legislation come to the chamber floor for a vote. “Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, you have the power to do that. But will you?” Williams asked.

Cagle avoided any reaction but this: He reminded members that the Senate’s rules of decorum require that colleagues be addressed by their title or district of origin. Not by name.

Oh, and SR 149 has been assigned to the Senate Rules Committee.