Legislative tip sheet: Google Glass comes to the state Capitol

The House and Senate gavel in at 10 a.m. today, if the proper quorums can be mustered.

If lawmakers can't be found, we advise the sergeants at arms to look on the fourth floor, where the fine people of Google, at 9 a.m., will introducing Georgia's political elite to Google Glass – the new wearable computer.

This will be the first demonstration of the hands-free computer in Atlanta. A public debut comes over the weekend -- click here for the where and when.

In the Senate, we’ll have more alcohol news, as the chamber takes up S.B. 286, which would allow your brandy to be a tad stronger. The limit on alcohol content in fortified wine would be raised from 21 to 24 percent.

The Senate will also take up S.B. 288, intended to force the Georgia High School Association to produce financial records if it wants to keep getting school fees.

We’ll have more testimony fer and agin’ the gun bill in a House committee Thursday afternoon. Other bills that will get committee hearings one that would impose limits on how officials can use funds seized from criminal suspects (a.k.a., the Paul Howard bill).

The first full month of lobbying disclosures are due Thursday. We’ll see how the changed ethics law has effected spending (hint: it’s down, but the weather is partly blame).

And, last, but not least, a Fulton County judge is expected to rule Thursday whether a whistle-blower lawsuit involving the state ethics commission will move forward. This is the one that could require Gov. Nathan Deal and his aides as witnesses.

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