Karen Handel's next step: Boosting female candidates at ShePAC

WASHINGTON -- Consider this a sign that Karen Handel plans to remain plenty active in politics after her third place finish in the U.S. Senate race. Georgia's former Secretary of State is joining the advisory board of ShePAC, a national group boosting conservative female candidates for office, and a supporter of her Senate bid.

From Handel this morning:

We have some work to do here in Georgia and across America. ShePAC is making a difference by helping to elect conservative women like Joni Ernst in Iowa, Mia Love in Utah, Marilinda Garcia in New Hampshire, Elise Stefanik in New York, and others. Joni Ernst's overwhelming victory in Iowa showed just how much can be achieved when we, as conservative women, are united.

Women are the majority of the voters in this country. It's time for the voices of conservative women to rise up in unison and be heard.

ShePAC was a strong supporter of my campaign, and I'm proud to have this chance to do my part to help other conservative women. So, let's work together as we head into November and do all we can to elect more conservative women!


In other female conservative news, Atlanta Tea Party Patriots' Debbie Dooley endorsed Rep. Jack Kingston in the Senate runoff. Dooley did not really engage in the Senate primary as she spent her efforts trying unsuccessfully to unseat state House Speaker David Ralston, and she's been working in Mississippi to boost Chris McDaniel against U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, as well.

Dooley's endorsement of Kingston comes with a word of concern about businessman David Perdue's infamous "high school graduate" comments about Handel. From Dooley:

 "I believe that Jack Kingston is the best candidate to defeat Democrat Michelle Nunn.  His opponent's demeaning remarks about those without college degrees will surely be played repeatedly by the Democrats in campaign ads – much like Mitt Romney's comments about the 47% came back to haunt him.  We have to have to defeat Michelle Nunn and hold Georgia in the Republican column if Republicans have any hope of taking back the Senate."