John Kasich in S.C.: Take care of each other, take care of U.S.

Mauldin, S.C. --  In a primary campaign where Donald Trump appears poised to claim another state, Joan and Richard Ninness braved near-freezing temperatures Saturday in a barbecue restaurant's parking lot to hear Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Their reasons were clear.

"He's honest, he's straightforward," Joan Ninness said, adding he emphasizes family values.

Her husband said he understands why so many claim to back Trump, the brash New York billionaire.

"A lot of people are out of work," Richard Ninness said. "They fear their jobs are being taken over by immigrants. Donald Trump addresses those fears, even if there's no legitimate reason to have them."

As for him, Ninness said Kasich eases his mind.

"We're both originally from Pittsburgh," Ninness said. "He embodies mid-American values."

As for Kasich, he urged several hundred supporters to be patient, be good to each other and to trust him to make a difference. He also announced his own commitment to God.

"I found the Lord a long time ago and I know through the peaks and valleys he is with me," Kasich said. "With that knowledge and with that understanding you get to change the world."

His plan, he said, "is to bring about the healing. We're all part of a beautiful, beautiful mosaic."

Kasich's stump speech is unique. Unfailing positive, Kasich mentions no other candidate by name and doesn't utter the words "Barack Obama."

He offers few specific policy proposals, but did lay out a plan for his first 100 days as president. He promised to repeal federal regulations that stymie small businesses, reduce taxes and simplify the tax code and to balance the federal budget.

He also said this about immigration: