Jim Barksdale clings to outsider message – and his cap – in first Senate TV ad

Jim Barksdale has had a heady few weeks. The party-backed Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate had his first public interview and his first televised debate since he threw his hat into the ring to challenge Republican Johnny Isakson.

Now the Atlanta investment manager is devoting a chunk of the more than $1 million he's pumped into his campaign to baldly introduce himself to a wider audience.

The above ad is headed to TV screens across the state - the campaign appears to have bought ad time in every significant Georgia market - as Barksdale tries to put a lid on two other little-known Democratic competitors in the May 24 contest.

The political newcomer embraces Bernie Sanders-like rhetoric about the hair-raising scourge of Wall Street. And he capped his message with a flourish of a touring cap that, in his words, validates his outsider status.

Much like David Perdue sported his jean jacket during his 2014 campaign, we have another Senate candidate looking to make a bold fashion statement.

Here's the transcript:

I'm an investment manager, and I stood against the Wall Street crowd to protect my clients' retirement.

Now I'm running for the Senate to stand against the Washington crowd and their bad trade deals, wasteful spending and mass incarceration.

I approve this message because most of all, I'll stand against the crowd to ensure equal opportunities for all Americans.

And I'll keep this hat, too.

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