Herman Cain and Donald Trump tilt at West Coast windmills

An employee of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump grabs his tie as they pose for photographs during an event at Trump National Doral on Tuesday in Miami. AP/ Evan Vucci

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An employee of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump grabs his tie as they pose for photographs during an event at Trump National Doral on Tuesday in Miami. AP/ Evan Vucci

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called into Herman Cain's morning talk show on WSB Radio today.

No surprise, but it was something of a love fest. Cain has appeared at Trump events in Georgia, and has commiserated with the New York businessman over the travails of running for the White House. (Cain led the GOP pack for a while in 2012).

The pair touched on a number of topics, but ended up tilting at West Coast windmills. You can listen here:

Cain began by asking Trump, who was in Miami this morning, whether he had begun sorting out potential cabinet members:

Cain: Brilliant.

Trump: I'm good. And I had a lot of opposition, a lot of other people that wanted it. This man has been such a great choice. He won the debate big-league -- he is a loyal, wonderful person. He's a great American. The choice of Mike Pence – I'm going to make other choices also.

Trump continued his criticism of the Iraqi assault, with the assistance of U.S. forces, on ISIS in Mosul:

Trump: Look at the war. Look at Mosul, how that's turning out to be a disaster.  Hey, Mosul – they gave them a full month warning: 'We're going in.' Why did they have to open their mouths, Herman? Right? The element of surprise. Why not go do it and talk about it later? So Mosul's turning out to be a much tougher thing than people thought….

The two touched on Trump’s promise to repeal of the Affordable Care Act. “We’re going to have health care that’s much better for a fraction of the cost,” Trump said. And the fact that Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is leading him in national polling, should be disqualified from the race.

And then Cain raised the topic of “real energy independence” with the candidate:

They want everything to be wind and solar. Unfortunately, it's not working on large-scale. It's just not working. Solar is very, very expensive. Wind is very, very expensive, and it only works when it's windy.

Cain: Right.

Trump: Someone might need a little electricity – a lot of times, it's the opposite season, actually. When they have it, that's when you don't need it. So wind is very problematic and – I'm not saying I'm against those things. I'm for everything. I'm for everything.

Cain: Right.

Trump: But they are destroying our energy companies with regulation. They're absolutely destroying them.

Cain: But their viability has to be demonstrated before you shove it down the throats of the American people. That's what you're saying.

Trump: In all fairness, wind is fine. Sometimes you go – I don't know if you've ever been to Palm Springs, California -- it looks like a junkyard. They have all these different –

Cain: I have.

Trump: They have all these different companies and each one is made by a different group from, all from China and from Germany, by the way – not from here. And you look at all these windmills. Half of them are broken. They're rusting and rotting. You know, you're driving into Palm Springs, California, and it looks like a poor man's version of Disneyland. It's the worst thing you've ever seen.

And it kills all the birds. I don't know if you know that…Thousands of birds are lying on the ground. And the eagle. You know, certain parts of California – they've killed so many eagles. You know, they put you in jail if you kill an eagle. And yet these windmills [kill] them by the hundreds.