A GOP attack on Lucy McBath fizzles over a signature

U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Marietta.  Annie Rice/For The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Credit: Annie Rice

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U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Marietta. Annie Rice/For The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Credit: Annie Rice

Credit: Annie Rice

Trolling is harder than it looks. It takes imagination, yes. But it also requires one to be able to discern the difference between an "M" and an "L."

We've told you that the Cobb County tax commissioner's office has revoked three years of homestead exemption claims – for 2016, 2017 and 2018 -- by U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Marietta, and her husband Curtis. McBath's husband lives in Tennessee.

During the 2018 Sixth District congressional campaign, which resulted in the defeat of Republican incumbent Karen Handel, McBath said she had briefly moved there to help him work through family issues -- and that she had switched her residency back to Georgia the following year.

A homestead exemption can be a factor in determining state residency, but it isn't the sole factor. Nonetheless, the National Republican Congressional Committee is pressing the point. Last Friday, the NRCC sent a package to the Tennessee home of McBath's husband. Lukas Mikelionis of Fox News bit:

The lawmaker accepted the gift on Friday at 10:45 a.m. and signed for it as "LMCBATH". Fox News obtained a copy of the signature.

But actually, the signature tells a different story:

Clearly, the recipient wrote “M McBath.” Lucy McBath was in New York, we’re told. The package was signed for by Margaret McBath, the congresswoman’s mother-in-law, according to a statement by the McBath campaign: “Pulling someone’s family into false partisan political attacks are exactly what people hate about Washington.”

This, people, is also why we still need to teach cursive writing in elementary schools. And how to read it, too.

One more thing: The Fox News piece uses an interesting phrase to describe McBath, who before her election to Congress served as a spokeswoman for an anti-gun violence group. Her unarmed son was murdered by a man with a gun in Florida. A pro-gun control group backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent millions on McBath’s behalf in the contest.

The word “gun” does not appear in the Fox News piece. McBath is referred to as “a racial justice activist.”

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