Georgia Senate: Ossoff lands endorsements from 20 black officials

Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign for U.S. Senate was endorsed Tuesday by 20 black elected officials.

Ossoff’s supporters include a dozen state legislators and several city and county politicians who touted his background as an investigative journalist and his unsuccessful campaign for Georgia’s 6th District in 2017.

“Jon has been deeply involved and engaged in Georgia’s African-American community and communities of color for many years,” said state Rep. Karen Bennett, who leads the state’s legislative black caucus.

Ossoff is one of four Democrats competing to challenge U.S. Sen. David Perdue, a former Fortune 500 chief executive with close ties to President Donald Trump.

With no prominent black candidate in the race, the four Democrats are racing to tailor their appeals to a diverse electorate.

Former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has announced a string of endorsements, including former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and, on Tuesday, civil rights activist Joe Beasley. Sarah Riggs Amico, who lost last year's race for lieutenant governor, was backed Tuesday by a bricklayers union.

And Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry has tried to energize his party’s liberal base with a slate of policies that includes decriminalizing marijuana and being more welcome to immigrants and refugees.

Ossoff, meanwhile, had previously announced endorsements from U.S. Reps. Hank Johnson and John Lewis.

He rolled out his endorsements as candidates faced a Tuesday deadline to report their fundraising figures. Here's a list of the endorsements:

  • Legislative Black Caucus Chair, State Rep. Karen Bennett (HD-94)
  • State Rep. Derrick Jackson (HD-64)
  • State Senator Donzella James (SD-35)
  • State Senator Michael "Doc" Rhett (SD-33)
  • State Rep. Debra Bazemore (HD-63)
  • State Rep. Sharon Beasely-Teague (HD-65)
  • State Rep. Rhonda Burnough (HD-77)
  • State Rep. Doreen Carter (HD-92)
  • State Rep. Shelly Hutchinson (HD-107)
  • State Rep. Sheila Jones (HD-53)
  • State Rep. Kim Schofield (HD-60)
  • State Rep. Erica Thomas (HD-39)
  • State Rep. Miriam Paris (HD-142)
  • Dekalb County Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson
  • Henry County Commissioner Dee Clemmons
  • Atlanta City Councilwoman Andrea Boone
  • Atlanta City Councilwoman Marci Collier Overstreet
  • Stonecrest City Councilman Robert Turner
  • Dekalb County School Board Member Vickie B. Turner
  • Gwinnett County School Board Member Everton Blair