Georgia Democrats: Brian Kemp's 'incompetence' led to voter data breach

Georgia Democrats pounced on the data breach that led to the release of private information of more than six million voters, calling for Gov. Nathan Deal to order an immediate investigation into  Secretary of State Brian Kemp's handling of the situation.

Kemp, seen as a potential 2018 Republican contender for governor, faces a class action lawsuit filed by two Georgia women who said Kemp's office released the information - which includes Social Security numbers and other details - to media, political parties and other paying subscribers for the info.

(You can find your copy of the lawsuit here.)

Democratic Party of Georgia chair DuBose Porter said Kemp's "incompetence has now put all Georgians on Red Alert."

Added Porter:

“This wasn’t hacking. This is a government official—Brian Kemp—distributing the personal identification information of over six million Georgians. My privacy has been compromised, and yours probably has as well. It’s been over a month, and not a single voter has been notified—it took a lawsuit for Georgians to learn that their information has been compromised.

Kemp's office blamed a "clerical error" and said 12 organizations, including statewide political parties, news media organizations and Georgia GunOwner Magazine, received the file.

Several recipients - including the AJC, the Georgia GOP and the Democratic Party of Georgia - said they have already returned the file. But at least one recipient hasn't rushed to comply with the state's request.

"I am out at my daughter's shooting competition," the Libertarian Party's Doug Craig said in a text when asked if he would return the file. "Going to tomorrow ... maybe."

The election is three years out, but some conservatives are predicting the issue may not go away. Note the following from talk jock Erick Erickson:

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