Georgia 6th: Handel ad claims Ossoff ‘caught lying’ in attacks

Republican Karen Handel’s latest ad in Georgia’s 6th District race claims Democrat Jon Ossoff “intentionally misled” voters about his experience and that he was “caught lying” about his GOP opponent.

The TV spot that launched Wednesday, Handel’s second since landing a spot in the June 20 runoff, refers to a Politifact piece that found an attack ad by House Democrats fell “wide of the mark” with a contention about Handel’s office budget while she was Georgia secretary of state.

And it invokes earlier scrutiny of Democrat Jon Ossoff’s record as a former congressional aide who had “top secret” security clearance.

Republicans claim he inflated his experience as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson and point to a Washington Post article that found his ads to be “misleading.”

Fact-checkers at Politifact Georgia have found no evidence he exaggerated his resume. Ossoff has said he stands by his record and that he will put up his national security credentials “against anyone else in this race.”

"This is the type of nonsense voters have come to expect from a career politician like Karen Handel," said Ossoff spokeswoman Sacha Haworth.

Take a look at the ad below:

And here’s the script:

Jon Ossoff had a problem

No experience, no record of success

So he intentionally misled us to get our vote.

The problem is, he got caught.

Now Jon Ossoff and his liberal allies have been caught lying about Karen Handel too.

The fact is, Karen Handel has a record of balancing budgets, cutting spending and putting Georgia first. 

Looks like the real problem Ossoff has, is with the truth. 

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Greg Bluestein
Greg Bluestein
Greg Bluestein is a political reporter who covers the governor's office and state politics for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.