GBI suspends agent who used government address for Ashley Madison account

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation imposed a three-day suspension on an agent who admitted to using a government email address to create an account on the adultery website Ashley Madison.

The agent, who is single, told investigators that he thought the website was for singles and that he unsubscribed from the service once he realized it was for married people. He closed his account within weeks of signing up, said GBI spokesman Scott Dutton.

"The agent acknowledged his actions were inappropriate and unacceptable to the GBI," said Dutton. "The agent has been given 3 days off without pay and a last chance agreement, cautioning him of certain termination for future violations."

Hackers in August stole records of millions of people who used the website and released the records and many websites have since downloaded the data to “out” users of the site.

One dump of the data yielded more than 15,000 e-mail addresses hosted by government and military servers, including a few dozen from Georgia governments. Four metro Atlanta governments and the Georgia Department of Transportation domain addresses were among those found in the lists.

State Rep. Allen Peake of Macon said earlier this month he was re-evaluating his political future after he admitted he once had an account on the website, which is devoted to extra-marital affairs.