Erick Erickson makes peace with Trump, but warns GOP is 'losing a war for ideas'

Conservative provocateur Erick Erickson is "eating crow" after Donald Trump's victory.

The WSB radio host, who emerged as one of the leading conservative voices opposed to the New York businessman, penned an editorial for The New York Times accepting Trump as president.

ExploreHere's a snippet:

Atlanta — Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. I got it absolutely wrong. I have been writing since February that he would not win. The great paradox of this election for me is that I never saw Mr. Trump as a legitimate contender in the primaries because I believed the polling was wrong, but it was right all along. In the general election, I presumed he would never win because the polling was right, but it was wrong all along.

In an election in which I wanted both candidates to lose, the man I wanted to lose beat the woman I wanted to lose, and I am O.K. with that. If I was wrong about the election, I am willing to admit I can be wrong about Donald Trump. I hope others will embrace some humility on that front as well. Mr. Trump will be the president.

I, along with much of the right, collectively freaked out about Barack Obama's election in 2008. The political left is now doing the same with Mr. Trump. But I never veered into "he is not my president" territory with President Obama. Whether I liked him or not, he was and still is my president. In January, Donald Trump will become our president.

Erickson, who works for the same Cox overlords as we do, ends with a warning for conservatives: "Conservatives should realize they won a battle, but are losing a war for ideas."