Democrats slam Georgia GOP official who touts Republican ‘fertility advantage’

Brant Frost V is the second vice-chair of the Georgia GOP. YouTube/screenshot.

Brant Frost V is the second vice-chair of the Georgia GOP. YouTube/screenshot.

Georgia Democrats blasted a state GOP official who told a conservative gathering that Republicans are destined to dominate politics over the next few decades because Democratic women "forgot to reproduce."

Brant Frost V, who was recently elected the state party’s second vice-chair, said at a recent Oconee County GOP meeting that Republicans enjoy a “fertility advantage” over Democrats who are more likely to support abortion rights.

“The other side has a culture of death. We have a culture of life. Christian and conservative women have a 35% fertility advantage over Democrat women,” he asserted. “And the more conservative a woman is, the more likely she is to be married and have lots of kids.”

He then predicted “an explosion, a reawakening” of traditional values in two or three decades.

Said Frost:

"They've done everything. They've got the institutions. They've got the universities. They've got Hollywood. They've got big tech. They've got everything. But they forgot one little thing: They forgot to reproduce. They forgot to have babies. And we didn't. And in 20 years, we're going to inherit those institutions."  

The video of his remarks, posted by the Oconee County Observations blog, made the rounds in political circles over the weekend. Democratic Party of Georgia spokeswoman Maggie Chambers said Frost epitomized how state Republican officials see women.

“Brant Frost said out loud what the Georgia GOP has already made clear with their backwards policy agenda – they only value women for their ability to reproduce,” she said. “Georgia women know their worth and will show up to vote them out.”

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Pressed to substantiate his claims, Frost pointed to a story on and cited "Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?" – a book on the growth of religious communities in the U.S..

Frost also told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he meant to refer to statistics in a 2006 ABC story that quoted a political scientist who said the gap between conservative and liberal birth rates is closer to 40 percent.

He sent over this statement late Sunday:

"Far too many conservatives today are pessimistic about the future chances of the Republican Party and I want them to know that there are many encouraging signs out there, including family size.

We celebrate a culture of life and we are seeing its results. Conservatives are building larger families on average than liberals, and this will have a long-term positive impact for the GOP."

Watch the full video here from Oconee County Observations -- Frost's remarks on fertility rates come around the 1:07 mark: