Democratic convention day 2 roundup: His story

Hillary Clinton, finally and officially, became the first female major party presidential nominee in American history by acclamation of none other than Bernie Sanders --- but that could not quiet many in his legions, who continued to make a racket about the system being rigged. Meanwhile, in the hall, grieving mothers testified and Bill Clinton told a love story. Here's what you need to read to catch up on Democrats' Tuesday.

AJC Coverage

Your lede-all, from Aaron Gould Sheinin and Greg Bluestein:

The tone was set by Georgia U.S. Rep. John Lewis, once at the center of one of the party’s biggest feuds when he spurned Clinton in 2008 for Barack Obama. Declaring that Clinton was “about to shatter the glass ceiling again,” his prime-time burying of the hatchet could have been a symbol for supporters of Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders still simmering over his defeat.

“I give you a leader who can unite us as a nation, a leader who can break down barriers and build a better future for every American,” the Atlanta Democrat said, seconding her nomination. “She will fight for us all with her heart, soul and mind.”

Jim Galloway on how the dissatisfied Sandernistas stormed the press tent, "not exactly the Bastille," and couldn't even get themselves arrested.

Sheinin: Bill Clinton tells DNC of love of Hillary, ways to win.

Bluestein: Jason Carter declares Georgia a "battleground state" in his DNC address.

Tamar Hallerman: Georgia GOP calls for Hank Johnson to resign, after he likened Israeli settlement policy to "termites."

National Coverage

In the Atlantic, longtime Clinton reporter Ron Fournier calls Bill's speech "uneven but effective" in making the case to trust Hillary.

Time Magazine on what would Bill's First Man role would look like.

Esquire's Charlie Pierce on the poignant message from the mothers who lost children to gun violence.

Tim Kaine, who speaks tonight, apparently changed his stance on taxpayer funding for abortion now that he's on the ticket. (The Weekly Standard)

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe suggested Hillary could flip back to her prior support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership --- in news that broke as Bernie backers were protesting in part over that very issue --- but campaign chairman John Podesta shot the idea down. (Washington Post)

Don’t forget about the GOP

Donald Trump liked Michelle Obama’s convention speech, even though it attacked the entire rationale of his campaign. (New York Post)

Trump backed a $10 minimum wage: "I know it's not very Republican to say, but you need to help people." (The Hill)

Tweet storm

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Sen. Tim Kaine is expected to hold the usual running mate slot, but he is far from the biggest star tonight. Both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are on tap.

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