Delta has Obama’s back on 'much-needed' immigration reform

If you are a Republican office-holder in Georgia, you have condemned President Barack Obama's unilateral effort at immigration reform as illegal, unconstitutional and crassly political.

You can't afford not to.

But perhaps surprisingly, this act also puts you opposite one of this state’s most important businesses: Delta Air Lines.

Here's the statement the company put out Friday that's drawing so much attention:

"Delta Air Lines applauds the steps announced this week to enact much-needed reforms to the nation's immigration system," said Joanne Smith, Delta's Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. "The President's actions will provide economic development opportunities and enhance public safety by streamlining legal immigration while cracking down on illegal immigration at the border and focusing on deporting felons rather than families."

In a red state like Georgia, that's an important voice of dissent. This isn't the first time Delta has found itself out-of-step with the GOP rank-and-file. Earlier this year, Delta was one of the corporate voices that blocked two "religious liberty"  measures in the state Legislature.