Campaign tip sheet: In Savannah, Michelle Nunn talks to the bee people

We try to keep you up to date on what your candidates are doing each day -- we really do.

But your candidates are also trying very hard not to tell us. They're very good about saying where they've been, and how great the reception was, but they were prefer not to have any witnesses who could testify whether a standing ovation consisted of an auditorium full of people or two upright bicycles against a telephone pole.

It's not a Democratic thing. It's not a Republican thing. It's a dear-God-there-may-be-a-tracker-here thing. We have reached a peculiar point in the season when campaigns prefer to keep their public appearances private, simply because someone may actually take note of what the candidate says.

This morning, the only advance notice we have of a candidate appearance on Friday comes from the U.S. Senate campaign of Democrat Michelle Nunn. She will be at the Savannah Bee Company at 2 p.m.