Buzz over a Coke ad: Multi-lingual ‘America’ and two gay dads

This 60-second Coca Cola ad, unveiled last night, is creating some buzz – both because of its multi-lingual rendition of “America the Beautiful” and a glimpse of two gay dads on an ice rink with their kid:

This is an interesting piece of video by the Atlanta company -- particular that three-second glimpse of a same-sex couple.  Certainly, it will be considered the company's soft response to criticism that Coke has received from gay America for its sponsorship of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Some background from the Huffington Post:

 That happened a couple of days after Coke saw its iconic 1971 commercial featuring singers wanting "to buy the world a Coke" re-edited by Queer Nation NY, going viral, with images added showing Russian security officials and police brutally cracking down on LGBT protestors.

ExploreHere's the link to that particular YouTube clip.