Author cites 'dramatic progress' on HB 707; Homeric press conference canceled

  We told you this morning about the epic press release from state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, in protest of the tabling of HB 707 by the Senate Rules Committee. His promise:

 "Tomorrow, I will identify the Republican Benedict Arnolds, the King George the Third and his myrmidons who ship wrecked his path-breaking, patriotic bill (HB 707) to prevent the federal Leviathan from commandeering the machinery of state government or resources to enforce ill-conceived federal health insurance mandates."

This is the bill that would bar all local and state officials from having anything to do with the Affordable Care Act. Background can be found here.

But Spencer just canceled his 2:30 p.m. press conference and the unmasking of above-mentioned traitors. From the announcement:

"The press conference that was scheduled for today to discuss the status of 707 has been canceled due to some dramatic progress that has been made to advance House Bill 707 for the people of Georgia," said Rep. Spencer. "The people of Georgia should be commended for their political activism and their support of this legislation; your voice has been heard today. Please continue to stay tuned as my colleagues and I continue the political process through late Thursday evening and just know that progress has been made, and the people can claim victory today."

Our colleague Aaron Gould Sheinin reports that Spencer says he received a "significant commitment" from Deal's office on the bill going forward, and that the governor's aides reached out to him. We haven't heard back from the governor's office yet, but stay tuned.