AJC poll: Donald Trump's image in Georgia is improving

Credit: Greg Bluestein

Credit: Greg Bluestein

Donald Trump's unfavorable ratings in Georgia have dropped sharply over the last three months, although voters are still divided over his presidency.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday shows his unfavorable rating has fallen from nearly 60 percent in October to 47 percent in January.

Georgians are split, largely down party lines, over his handling of the transition. And one-third of the poll’s respondents are convinced he’ll be a poor or terrible commander in chief.

And Georgia Republicans, who rallied around Trump in the final months of the race, have shown no sign of abandoning him. Nearly 90 percent of the poll's GOP respondents gave him favorable reviews, and nearly the same margin said he'll be a good or great president.

The poll touched on a range of questions - from the "religious liberty" debate to healthcare policy to medical marijuana - and we'll have plenty more details over the next few days.


Former Rep. Jack Kingston made a return visit to Trump Tower on Thursday.

Wonder what this was about? So did we.

"Just checking in," the Savannah Republican said.

A GOP veteran was quick to note he followed up the visit with another round of surrogate-ing on the cable channels.

Here's the visual proof:


Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens hasn't made up his mind yet about whether he's going to run for another four-year term in 2018.

The Republican said he's still raising cash for a re-election bid and that he still enjoys his gig, but that he's not quite sure yet what he'll do.


Well, ouch. You don't see this every day.