'Sasquatch' convicted of attempted murder for violent attack on hunter

Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is not real.

Mental illness, on the other hand, can, be spotted everywhere.

In Oregon, a mentally ill young man who believed he was the mythical woodland creature, has been convicted of attempted murder for savagely attacking a hunter.

Oregon Live reports Linus Norgren, 22, was convicted Friday in the 2013 attack. He is scheduled to be sentenced today.

According to court testimony, Norgren was naked and in the woods of Washington County when he attacked a hunter, knocked him unconscious and "violently ripped [the hunter's] arms out of his torso."

The hunter first spotted Norgren using the hunter's saw to attack the hunter's 4-wheeler. Norgren attacked the hunter, took his rifle, and used a rock to knock him unconscious.

The hunter, who had two fractured and dislocated arms, regained consciousness as the man began choking him.

During the scrum, Norgren, who was making animal noises, told his victim, "Sasquatch kills the hunter."

Eventually, the attacker allegedly passed out from exhaustion and the hunter was able to somehow dial 911 and get help.

Defense attorneys said Norgren's mental illness worsened in the weeks before the incident and he had not been taking prescribed medication.

Testifying in his own defense, Norgren said he attacked because he was intimidated by the hunter's gun, his size, his boots and his layers of clothing.

Mental illness is a difficult thing for individuals and society to cope with. If an adult who has not been previously violent does not want to take medication, should the government make him?

Answers aren't always easy.

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