Kristian Bush and Janece Shaffer shine on opening night of 'Troubadour' at the Alliance


On Wednesday night, "Troubadour," the new musical written by Janece Shaffer with music from Kristian Bush, bowed at the Alliance Theatre.

You can read the official review from theater critic Wendell Brock here, but suffice to say that Bush's resonant songs, Shaffer's story of fathers, sons and friendships and some top-notch acting (Andrew Benator nearly steals the show with his sweetly funny Izzy) combines for a solid outing.

After the Wednesday premiere, Bush was ecstatic.

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri

"It feels fantastic to be watching opening night. To see so many people find joy at the same time. It feels like we're a punk band that just played its first big show and that everyone who was there that first night, that they will remember the beginning. The beginning of something bigger," he said. "I am so proud to be part of (director) Susan Booth's army, Janece's dreams and Atlanta theater."

Last week, I chatted with Bush and Shaffer for a Facebook Live, which you can check out below, and learn more about the background of the show from our piece in the Sunday Living & Arts section.

Also, my colleague Rodney Ho interviewed the handsome young star of the show, Zach Seabaugh .

"Troubadour" runs at the Alliance through Feb. 12. Tickets start at $20. For ticket info - 404-733-5000 or