Don Henley confirms the end of the Eagles

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri

Credit: Melissa Ruggieri

Don Henley says the Eagles’ Grammy tribute for Glenn Frey was the last time the band will perform.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2's Simon Mayo, Henley categorized the performance of “Take it Easy” (with Jackson Browne) as the band’s “final farewell.”

“I don’t think you’ll see us performing again…I think that was probably it,” Henley said.

He also noted that Frey's death – the Eagles co-founder passed away in January – "was a great loss for a lot of us and we're still trying to cope with it."

When the interview topic turned toward bands and artists who have toured behind a specific classic album (e.g., Bruce Springsteen and “The River”), Henley revealed that the Eagles has discussed a summer tour to play “Hotel California” front to back.

“But obviously,” he said, “that’s not going to happen now.”

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Listen to Henley's interview below.