Adele's '25' album sells more than 7 million copies

She's unstoppable! Photo: Getty Images.

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She's unstoppable! Photo: Getty Images.


Adele's reign on the Billboard 200 continues this week, as the unstoppable songbird notches her third million-selling week with "25."

The album sold 1.15 million copies for the week ending Dec. 24. The 46 percent increase from the week prior isn’t that surprising given the sales bump associated with Christmas. But it’s still impressive that it’s the second-biggest selling week for “25,” following its 3.38 million debut in the week that ended Nov. 26.

All of that math means that “25” has sold 7.13 million copies in the U.S. through Dec. 24. It also means that “25” is No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart for the fifth consecutive week.

Adele's U.S. tour doesn't begin until July – and we won't see her in Atlanta until October – but we can only guess that her road show will jolt sales again this summer.

Also, even though Adele isn't eligible for the 2016 Grammy Awards (the nomination period ended Sept. 30), the honchos behind the February ceremony haven't discounted the possibility of an Adele performance during the show.

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