Why UGA's new D mightn't look all that different

Credit: Mark Bradley

Credit: Mark Bradley

Under Brian VanGorder and Willie Martinez, Georgia employed a 4-3 defense. Under Todd Grantham, it switched to a 3-4. Under Jeremy Pruitt, it will use a 3-4 that might look a lot like a 4-3.

Speaking at Signing Day, Mark Richt averred that this latest change shouldn't represent much of a change. "It's no big deal," he said.

The reason being: Grantham's 3-4 essentially deployed the weakside linebacker -- the "Will," in football argot -- as a de facto defensive end. The only difference, Richt said, is a matter of the placement of one man's hand.

A linebacker assumes a two-point stance. A defensive end assumes a three-point one. ("Puts his hand in the dirt," to invoke another grid-ism.)

Said Richt: "We used the Will linebacker as a rush guy in a two-point stance. A lot of people run the same defense but put the guy in a three-point stance."

Even then, it might be hard to tell a 3-4 from a 4-3. No matter their preferred base defense, most teams -- both collegiate and professional -- use a bit of both. As an example, Richt offered this: If Georgia is playing a read-option offense, it might choose to have a defensive end take a two-point stance, so as to have his head up and be better able to, er, read the option.

And sometimes how a defense appears is a function of personal preference. Richt noted that Jarvis Jones, the great Will linebacker, liked rushing from a two-point stance. But Ray Drew or Lorenzo Carter might be more comfortable getting a hand dirty, as it were.

Don't misunderstand: Georgia's new base D will indeed be the 3-4. It's what Pruitt used, to championship-winning effect, at Florida State, although it was possible to watch the Seminoles for long stretches and come away believing they favored the 4-3. (They changed looks a whole lot, in other words.)

The principles might not be all that different from what Georgia fans have been seeing. The coaching, on the other hand, might well be better.

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