Live from Falcons-Saints: This ain't no foolin' around

The Falcons have a shot to turn the NFC South upside down. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Credit: Mark Bradley

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Credit: Mark Bradley

A fairly big season for the local 11 (or 53, to be precise) kicks off with a big-time game. More than a few folks think the New Orleans Saints will win the Super Bowl, though I'm not among those. Maybe one or two people think the Atlanta Falcons will be good again, and I am one of those.

The Saints are favored on the road, which doesn't often happen in the NFL unless you're visiting Jacksonville. I'm not a bettor, but that seems to me a money-making opportunity. This is a prove-it game for the team that just went 4-12. It won't be the end of the world if the Falcons lose, but winning would be a rather large step on the road to rectifyin', as Thomas Dimitroff would put it if he were in the habit of dropping his "g's", which he isn't.

In sum, I like the Falcons to win. Make it 24-20. Perhaps you disagree. That's why the comment box exists. I'll be here until someone does win -- and long after, I expect -- and I'll check back periodically. And I thank you, as ever, in advance.[polldaddy poll=8291748]