Chipper’s Hall of Fame vote percentage could be historic. But what of Andruw?

Today, we’re keeping track of the Joneses.

Today, we’re keeping track of the Joneses.

If we go by Ryan Thibodaux's invaluable Hall of Fame tracker, Chipper Jones will be elected with the highest percentage of the vote ever afforded an Atlanta Brave – and the fifth-highest of any player ever. As we speak, Chipper been named on 98.3 percent of the votes made public. (Mine among them.)

Here’s your asterisk: Only 56.1 of the votes have been made public. Chipper’s final number could and surely will change a bit. Probably not by much, though.

As we await the official announcement, which will come a bit after 6 p.m. on MLB TV, here – per Baseball-Reference -- are the top 26 percentages in HOF annals:

Ken Griffey Jr., Class of 2016 — 99.32% Tom Seaver, Class of 1992 — 98.84% Nolan Ryan, Class of 1999 — 98.79% Cal Ripken Jr. Class of 2007 — 98.53% Ty Cobb, Class of 1936 — 98.23% George Brett, Class of 1999 — 98.19% Hank Aaron, Class of 1982 — 97.83% Tony Gwynn, Class of 2007 — 97.61% Randy Johnson, Class of 2015 — 97.27% Greg Maddux, Class of 2014 — 97.20% Chipper Jones?

1. Ken Griffey Jr., 99.32

2. Tom Seaver, 98.84

3. Nolan Ryan, 98.79

4. Cal Ripken Jr., 98.53

5. Ty Cobb, 98.23

6. George Brett, 98.19

7. Hank Aaron, 97.83

8. Tony Gwynn, 97.61

9. Randy Johnson, 97.27

10. Greg Maddux, 97.20

11. Mike Schmidt, 96.52

12. Johnny Bench, 96.42

13. Steve Carlton, 95.82

14. Babe Ruth, 95.13

15. Honus Wagner, 95.13

16. Rickey Henderson, 94.81

17. Willie Mays, 94.68

18. Carl Yastrzemski, 94.63

19. Bob Feller, 93.75

20. Reggie Jackson, 93.62

21. Ted Williams, 93.38

22. Stan Musial, 93.24

23. Roberto Clemente, 92.69

24. Jim Palmer, 92.57

25. Brooks Robinson, 91.98

26. Tom Glavine, 91.94

Here’s where I say, as I’m wont to do: Think about that. If early exit polls hold, Chipper could go into the Hall with the third-highest percentage of the vote for any position player – ahead of Cobb, Aaron and even the Babe – and the highest percentage for any third baseman.

Chipper has been named on 234 of the 238 ballots tabulated by Thibodaux. I find it hard to believe that anyone could cast a vote without putting an “x” by C. Jones’ name, but I also believe a voter is free to do as he/she pleases. I didn’t vote for Vladimir Guerrero, numbering me among one of the 12 exceptions. Nor did I vote for Trevor Hoffman, who’s on pace to draw the needed 75 percent.

Of interest to me, and perhaps not only to me: Andruw Jones, for whom I did vote, is at 5.5 percent. He needs to finish with 5 percent to remain on the ballot. By Thibodaux’s calculations, he needs nine more votes for that to happen. As noted last month, I believe A. Jones is one who would benefit from more years of Hall consideration.

With Chipper, there need be no further consideration. He’s in. Guess he must have been a pretty good ballplayer, huh?