When Hillary Clinton imitated 'SNL' -- and not in a good way

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? If we can consider "Saturday Night Live" to be art, and Hillary Clinton to be life-like, it appears we finally have our answer. First, the imitation (from a video message to a labor union conference):

And now, the art (watch especially starting at the 1:07 mark):



All joking aside, the first video in which Clinton seems incredulous to be in an actual contest with Donald Trump is a very revealing moment. She, like many of her sycophantic supporters, seems incapable of understanding that voters aren't flocking to her because many of them think she is just as bad, albeit in different ways, as Trump.

They probably can't believe, after months of revelations that she's a habitual liar who doesn't even tell the truth when the truth would be better for her, that poll results like this one could possibly be true:

This is "amazing"? When Hillary can't even shoot straight about why she felt ill during a 9/11 memorial event ? Trump tells more than his share of whoppers , but I think most people believe he says what's on his mind (whether they like it or not). Hillary? Are you kidding?

This election has taken many turns, but one of the most consequential was when Clinton referred to half of Trump's supporters as "deplorables." She later tried to backtrack that comment, but it made clear the standard left-wing belief that those who resist the current direction of government, which began under President Obama and which she has pledged to continue, can only be acting out of racism. Or now, sexism. Or some kind of bigotry. It certainly can't be that they honestly object to the Great Progressive Project.

But even those of us on the right who are uncomfortable with and even opposed to Trump as the bearer of that message and potential agent of change -- even we recognize that Clinton-as-Obama's-third-term is also a, well, deplorable possibility. The failure of Clinton & Co. to realize that's how many, many Americans feel -- and their ineptitude at making an argument other than "TRUMP BAD, ME SANE" -- is a key reason she is basically tied with Trump in national-poll averages and why Trump suddenly has a very real path to 270 electoral votes.

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