Predictions: And now for something completely different -- Dogs win

Hello and welcome back to another edition of, "Is This A Remake Of 'Night Of The Living Dead' or Did Georgia Just Make The Biggest Mistake Since One Major GOP Donor Turned To The Other Major GOP Donor And Said, 'Trump? Hahahahaha. Don't Worry, It'll Never Last."

Mark Richt is back in town. He's smiling. He's 3-0 with Miami and his team plays at Georgia Tech, where he has never lost.

Kirby Smart is back in town. He's pale. His team looks like the old Far Side cartoon, "The Boneless Chicken Ranch," with collapsed feathered bodies laying on a field, unable to walk, or stand, or scream, "Help, Ole Miss just stole my dignity, and my skeletal frame, and my lunch money."

If Richt continues to win, and Georgia continues to lose, it will be the first time the Dogs have been this humiliated by one of their former coaches since Jim Donnan was fired and then decided to enter the business world with, "Fly By Night Investments, Catfish and Such," only to spontaneously combust and reaffirm he should never be trusted as the banker in Monopoly.

The Dogs opened the season with a win over North Carolina. Then they beat Nicholls State by two points, and Missouri by one, and then they were poleaxed in Oxford.

So now seemingly half of the Bulldogs' fans think they never should have fired Richt, while the other half think Kirby Smart is overmatched and didn't do anything more in Alabama than unwrap Nick Saban's Little Debbie snack cakes, while the other half think Smart inherited a talent-less team from that no-talent hack Richt, while the other half think Smart just started the job so he can be excused for falling behind 45-0, because, you know, this is like going from football to  ... wait, football?

How many halves is that?

Never mind, they're all geraniums.

But if you think that's crazy, what about this: Georgia is going to win, anyway. Why? Because humiliation can be a wonderful motivator. And Tennessee has been pretty unimpressive itself. And I suspect the Dogs' secondary is going to make some plays this week. And the game is in Athens. And damn I'm good. Maybe also deluded.

The line is 3. Take the points. But Dogs win straight up.

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Jeff Schultz
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