Opinion: Fearless Leader-elect is always right

“It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”

-- George Orwell, 1984

As Fearless Leader-elect has taught us, his "beautiful Twitter account" is a national treasure and attention must always be paid to it. Through Twitter, his inspiring and informative messages can flow directly from the tips of his long, elegant, extremely aristocratic fingers to we, his grateful followers, without being twisted by the corrupt and dishonest media.

To remind you, this is what Fearless Leader-elect tweeted directly to we, his people, on Tuesday and Wednesday:

So: Make sure to listen to Assange about "so-called 'Russian hacking'," says Russia did not give him info. Media very dishonest, "intelligence" agencies bad.

Messages received, loud and clear, Fearless Leader-elect.

But then the devious, untrustworthy media began to do their work of twisting and distorting, and on Thursday Fearless Leader-elect had to set things straight:

As we all know, Fearless Leader-elect is and always has been a big fan of our "intelligence" agencies. Who could ever doubt it? Furthermore, any claim that he gave credibility and support to the likes of Assange is an invention of the media, which of course is still corrupt and dishonest.

And this morning, based on his latest briefing, Fearless Leader-elect had something else very important to tell us:

What a great man our Fearless Leader-elect must be, and how lucky we are to have him for the next four years.