Newt for Trump's VP? I cannot imagine a better choice

I suppose it has to happen. To do otherwise would be to leave the cherry off the sundae, to cut short the Fourth of July fireworks show before the grand finale.  It just wouldn't be ... right.

In a year in which the Republican Party offers us reality star Donald Trump as its nominee to be president of the United States and leader of the free world, then yes, of course Trump's partner in that effort must be Georgia's own Newt Gingrich. Fate and logic demand it. Because frankly, if you're looking to balance the ticket by adding someone of maturity, discipline and emotional stability, someone with no ego willing to stay in the background and do the hard gritty work of governing, we who know him best know that Newt is just the man you want.

I cannot imagine a better choice.

And Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will be secretary of state, Herman Cain will be secretary of defense and Sean Hannity will be secretary of education. With Nancy Grace leaving HLN, maybe she's available to be attorney general?

Frankly, though, it'll be perfect. Really, it will. Because Newt and the Donald do have so very much in common. Three marriages apiece, a capacity for self-destruction, a willingness to say about anything and an inordinate fondness for the Man in the Mirror offer more than enough foundation for a productive partnership. As I've noted before, Newt in many ways made the rise of Trump possible in the Republican Party, and there would be poetry in having him on the ticket to reap what he has sown for the past 35 years.

And while I've never been comfortable with armchair psychoanalysis, let me leave you with an observation by Carl Jung and see if it rings a bell:

" ... when one unconsciously works against oneself, the result is impatience, irritability and an impotent longing to get one's opponent down whatever the means," Jung wrote. "Generally certain symptoms appear, among them a peculiar use of language: one wants to speak forcefully in order to impress one's opponent, so one employs a special 'bombastic' style full of neologisms that might be described as 'power words' ... whenever anything unworthy of belief has to be insisted on in the teeth of inner resistance. The language swells up, overreaches itself, sprouts grotesque words distinguished only by their needless complexity. The word is charged with the task of achieving what cannot be done by honest means. It is the old word magic, and sometimes it can degenerate into a regular disease.”

So Newt and Trump?  Yes please. With a cherry on top.