Reading Tea Leaves

After plucking one of my kids out of the bathtub on Sunday evening, my blackberry noted the arrival of a message bearing President Obama's schedule for Monday.

It listed no public events.

And that made me wonder if something was near on a new Supreme Court nominee.

No, I don't have any inside tip as I write this on Sunday evening.  But on a day when the President doesn't have any news availabilities scheduled before going on a three day trip out West, it makes me wonder.

The President spent some of the Memorial Day weekend at Camp David with his family, returning to the White House on Sunday night.

He made some news with a comment on North Korea's nuclear test on Sunday morning, went to a Memorial Day ceremony and then hit the golf course in the afternoon.

So, maybe he's made up his mind and will announce his nomination today?

Or maybe I've been around too long, and the sight of a schedule with "no public events" makes me more suspicious than I need to be.

The talk is that the President wants to make his decision before leaving next week on an overseas trip that will take him to Egypt, Germany and France.

Because of his domestic travel in coming days, that really leaves him today and Friday to make an announcemnt this week.

We'll see.

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