Dem vs Dem

For all the talk recently of Republicans fighting each other for control of the party, the same type of battle is also flaring within Democratic Party ranks, as the Left goes after those who aren't supporting health care legislation in the Congress.

"Democrats Against Health Care?!" was the title of an email sent out yesterday by the liberal group MoveOn.Org, which has been actively rattling the cages of Democrats who have gone against legislative efforts on health care.

"Dozens of conservative House Democrats voted against health care reform," said the fundraising email.  "We're taking them on with a tough new TV ad.  Can you chip in $20?"

The electronic missive didn't pull any punches about the goal, which is to get rid of anyone who isn't on board with President Obama on health care changes.

"We've got to show that voters will make them pay a political price for standing in the way of health care reform - and send a message to any Democrats in the Senate who are considering doing the same," it read.

Some of those on-the-fence-middle-of-the-road Senators have already had ad campaigns run against them in recent months, as more liberal Democrats - like their conservative counterparts - have decided to blast Democrats that are too far to the middle.

It's meant talk of primary challengers to opponents of health care, threats to cut off fundraising contributions and more.

"Time to Take a Stand, Blanche" read the headline on the liberal web site, which has also made no bones about dragging wayward Democrats back to the Left.

"For some reason she continues to waver on popular things like health care reform, a move guaranteed to depress Democratic base turnout in November 2010 without winning over any Independents."

So, just like the Republican battle for the soul of the party, Democrats are also trying to filet each other, and run those Democrats-in-name-only out of their ranks.

Meanwhile, liberal groups are also targeting the Democratic National Committee, with a "Don't Ask, Don't Give" boycott.

They want President Obama to get rid of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, stop defending in federal court the Defense of Marriage Act, which says marriage is only between a man and a woman, and approve a plan that would bar employment discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals.

The various groups signing on to this boycott argue that until the White House does more for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, then they won't give any money to national Democrats.

With friends like that, who needs enemies in the other party?

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