Boston Tea Party

The worst nightmare came true for Democrats as Republican Scott Brown coasted to victory in Massachusetts, stripping Democrats of their 60 vote, filibuster proof majority in the Senate, putting President Obama's signature issue of health reform in deep political trouble.

This was an historic victory on many fronts for the Republicans, as they won the seat held for 46 years by Sen. Edward Kennedy - a seat that the GOP has had only once since 1926.

"It is stunning," said political analyst Stu Rothenberg.  "The combination of Sen. Kennedy's seat, the 60th vote."

"It is just mindboggling."

The loss was brutal for Democrats on many levels.  Coakley simply underperformed Obama in every Massachusetts county, often winning by 10-15% less and then lost counties where Obama had won narrow victories.

Brown won key victories in blue collar areas of the Bay State, like Peabody, Fitchburg and Gardner.  Brown did even better in those areas than Mitt Romney in his 2002 win in the Governor's race.

So what does this mean overall?  It definitely proves that Republicans have the election edge right now, with nine months to go until the November elections.

The idea of Republicans taking back the House cannot be ruled out, nor can sizeable gains in the Senate this November.

It could well be a repeat of 1994, because if a Republican can win statewide in Massachusetts right now, then a GOP candidate can win in any state of the Union, in any swing district.

And the ultimate irony is that today marks one year since Barack Obama took the oath of office.

Republicans are the ones smiling on this January 20, 2010.

What a difference a year makes.