Injunction lifted: Class A public baseball playoffs to resume Monday

The Class A baseball playoffs are on again.

The Georgia Court of Appeals on Friday suspended a legal injunction from a lower court, allowing the GHSA to resume the playoffs.

The Class A public-school second round will be played on Monday-Tuesday, four days later than scheduled. The third round, or quarterfinals, will be played Friday-Saturday. 

Charlton County, which filed suit against the GHSA and was awarded an injunction this week by Charlton County Super Court, will remain the No. 5 seed. 

The GHSA postponed the second round on Wednesday after Judge Andrew C. Spivey called for the injunction, ruling that the GHSA did not follow procedure when forcing Charlton County to forfeit a March 10 game. 

The forfeit, based on a violation of the GHSA’s pitch-count rules and not assessed until weeks after the game, caused Charlton County to finish second in the Region 2-A standings to Irwin County. Irwin was given the No. 2 seed in the 24-team playoffs, meaning it wouldn’t have any road games until the state finals. Charlton, as the No. 5 seed, faces potentially two long road trips before the finals.

Some Class A teams, including Trion and Clinch County, had traveled hours to their second-round games on Wednesday when they got word of the injunction and had to return home.

Only Class A public-schools were affected by the injunction. Other classifications and the Class A private division are finishing their second-round series today (Friday).

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