In case of a tie: Each region does it differently

So let’s say Tucker beats Lovejoy on Friday, and Tucker, Lovejoy and Newton finish tied for first in Region 2-AAAAA. Who is the region champion?

Newton. Who decided that? Region 2.

There are no statewide rules about breaking ties in the region standings. Each region must decide its own guidelines.

Here is what each Class AAAAAA region has decided. The first rule in each region is head to head. But, in the event of three-way ties, when each team is 1-1 against the other two …

*Region 1 uses points allowed against all teams in playoff positions, including those tied for the final playoff berth. So let's say Colquitt County and Camden County finish 1-2, but Lowndes, Valdosta and Lee County all go 2-2. The No. 3 and No. 4 seeds would be those that gave up the fewest points against all five of those teams in playoff positions. At any point where a tie is broken, it goes back to head to head.

*Region 2 uses what's called the Arkansas Points System. It's a point differential among the tied teams that caps victory margin at 15. So in the case of Newton, Tucker and Lovejoy, here is why Newton is in great shape – if Tucker beats Lovejoy. Newton beat Tucker 37-20 (+15). Lovejoy beat Newton 20-16 (+4 for Lovejoy). Current standings – Newton +11, Lovejoy +4, Tucker -15. Tucker can't win big enough to overtake Newton, but can snatch the No. 2 seed by winning by 10 points or more. (If my match is correct).

*Region 3 and Region 4 also use the Arkansas Points System, but apply it to every region game. That's unlike Region 2, which applies it only to the teams involved in the tie.

*Region 5 and Region 6 use a system of Quality Points to break ties. A quality point is earned for every region victory by your beaten region opponents. That rewards teams for beating higher-ranked teams and is more forgiving of losses to weaker teams. Ties that aren't broken are then settled by point-differential scenarios. Region 6 caps the victory margins at 13.

*Region 7 and Region 8 uses coin flips and mini-games. In 2014 in Region 8, the top three teams – Archer, Grayson and Dacula – tied for first. Coin flips at a Waffle House seeded them. If there is a three-way tie for third, the regions would use Monday mini-games to determine seeds No. 3 and No. 4.