All-region teams: Three Starr’s Mill players earn honors in 3-AAAAA


Here is the all-region team for 3-AAAAA, as voted by the league's coaches:

Offensive player of the year: RB Kalen Sims, Starr's Mill, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: DL Mike Webb, Griffin, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: K Michael Lantz, Starr's Mill, Sr.

Coach of the year: Chad Phillips, Starr's Mill

First-team offense 

QB - Quamari Williams, Griffin, So.

RB - Dane Kinamon, McIntosh, Sr.

RB - Phalon Daniels, Riverdale, Jr.

RB - Alijah King, Griffin, Jr.

WR - Hunter Williams, Whitewater, Sr.

WR - Jamoi Mayes, Griffin, Jr.

WR - Tremain Moore, Riverdale, Jr.

OL - Ryan Siegel, McIntosh, Sr.

OL - Zach Hayes, Jonesboro, Sr.

OL - Luke Davis, Griffin, Sr.

OL - Lorenzo Clemons, Griffin, Jr.

OL - Dezmeon Clements, Riverdale, Sr.

K - Aaron Hauck, Fayette County, Sr.

First-team defense 

DL - Damarjahe Lewis, Griffin, Jr.

DL - Sam White, Starr's Mill, Sr.

DL - Jalen Pugh, Jonesboro, Sr.

DL - Wykevious Thomas, Riverdale, Sr.

LB - Larry Corbin, Griffin, Sr.

LB - Will Lewis, Whitewater, Sr.

LB - Ryan Sanders, McIntosh, Sr.

LB - Jaden Echols, Griffin, Jr.

DB - Sean King, Starr's Mill, Sr.

DB - Daquan Strozier, Riverdale, Sr.

DB - Arnijae Stroud, Griffin, Sr.

DB - Micah White, Griffin, Sr.

P - Fernando Lobo, Jonesboro, Sr.

Second-team offense 

QB - Maddox Mueller, Whitewater, Jr.

RB - Caleb Pressley, Fayette County, Sr.

RB - Elijah Roland, Whitewater, Sr.

RB - Ben Bodne, Starr's Mill, Jr.

WR - Rasheed Singleton, Jonesboro, Jr.

WR - Derwin Burgess, Riverdale, Jr.

WR - Jaelyn Lay, Riverdale, Sr.

OL - Will Tiller, Starr's Mill, Jr.

OL - Cole Sanders, Starr's Mill, Jr.

OL - Grayson Bullard, Whitewater, Jr.

OL - Javontae Blandenburg, Griffin, Jr.

OL - Leo Riley, Riverdale, Jr.

K - Evan Rogers, Whitewater, Jr.

Second-team defense 

DL - Phillip Stout, Whitewater, Sr.

DL - Javon Coleman, Fayette County, Sr.

DL - Shane Leinburger, Fayette County, Sr.

DL - Pearce Brown, Riverdale, So.

LB - Cole Bishop, Starr's Mill, So.

LB - Emmanuel Orusa, Fayette County, Jr.

LB - Chris Giles, Riverdale, Jr.

LB - Collin Odom, Griffin, Jr.

DB - Reggie Booker, Fayette County, Sr.

DB - Wes Haney, Starr's Mill, So.

DB - Ahlik Booker, Jonesboro, So.

DB - Walter Forte, Jonesboro, Jr.

P - Brennen Schmitt, Whitewater, So.

Honorable mention: DL Miles McGuire, Fayette County; DL Desmond Omigie, Fayette County; DB Fred Claridy, Fayette County; DB Jahel Ekanemesang, Fayette County; DB Justus Joseph, Fayette County; LB Jared Nedd, Fayette County; LB Terry Savionne, Fayette County; LB Marvin Pearson, Fayette County; OL Isaiah Shannon, Fayette County; OL Matthew Gilliam, Fayette County; RB Ryan Cate, McIntosh; LB Jaden Nelson, McIntosh; LB Ben Anderson, McIntosh; P Ryan Sanders, McIntosh; DL Reece Hildebrand, McIntosh; LB Nathan Anderson, McIntosh; LB Jermorrio Shinn, Jonesboro; DL Jaden Watkins, Jonesboro; RB Kendaris Hillman, Jonesboro; RB Isaiah Rice, Jonesboro; OL Dorien Washington, Jonesboro; QB Tremir Alexis, Jonesboro; LB Chris King, Riverdale; OL Tyson McClendon, Riverdale; LB Jordan Wise, Riverdale; QB Avaun Rucker, Riverdale; LB Michael Scandrett, Riverdale; DB Davon Gillett, Riverdale; DB Justice Ezeokonkwo, Riverdale; QB Fred Collins, Riverdale; DL Jaylin Finely, Riverdale; DL Hassan Gaye, Riverdale; WR Amanuel McDowell, Griffin; WR Terrell Jester, Griffin; WR Darryl Matthews, Griffin; RB Jordan Favors, Griffin; DL Jamon Davis, Griffin; DL Terez Driver, Griffin; DL Davion Westmoreland, Griffin; DB Jaiydn Allen, Griffin; DB Jaevyn Hammons, Griffin; QB Hunter Lawson, Starr's Mill; DL Michael Burnett, Starr's Mill; RB Karson Kalen, Starr's Mill; DB Jalen Lazenby, Starr's Mill; OL Joseph Rampey, Starr's Mill; RB Ardit Hoti, Starr's Mill; OL Leo Barranco, Whitewater; OL Hayden Burns, Whitewater; OL Parker Pridgen, Whitewater; DL Terry Brown, Whitewater; DB Jackson Van Meter, Whitewater; DB John Soloman, Whitewater; LB Micah Binford, Whitewater; WR Adavion Ray, Whitewater

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