All-region teams: Cartersville's Lawrence named top player in 7-AAAA

Here is the all-region team for 7-AAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: Trevor Lawrence, Cartersville, So.

Offensive player of the year: Luke Shiflett, Northwest Whitfield, So.

Defensive player of the year: Tyler Reed, Cartersville, Sr.

Lineman of the year: Noah Ramsey, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

Special teams player of year: Johnathan Cruz, Cartersville, So.

Coach of the year: Josh Robinson, Northwest Whitfield

First-team offense

QB - Corbee Wilson, Heritage, Jr.

RB - Tyler Brown, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

RB - Jalyn Shelton, Ridgeland, So.

RB - Tiamon Pennymon, Cartersville, Sr.

WR - Will Blanchard, Northwest Whitfield, Jr.

WR - Terrius Callahan, Cartersville, Sr.

WR - Luke Grant, Heritage, So.

TE - Miller Forristall, Cartersville, Sr.

TE - Walker Lawrence, Pickens, Sr.

OL - Levi Seabolt, Gilmer, Jr.

OL - Will Boydston, Ridgeland, Sr.

OL - D.J. Walden, Pickens, Sr.

OL - Nick Root, Cartersville, So.

OL - Cam Cheek, Cartersville, Sr.

ATH - Thaddeus Bowers, Gilmer, Sr.

K - Ty Chastain, Pickens, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Kobe Hull, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

DL - Darian Poellnitz, Cartersville, So.

DL - Andrew Ortiz, Pickens, Sr.

DL - Lucas Bramlett, Gilmer, Sr.

DL - Brit Hasty, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

LB - Austin Morrison, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

LB - Cyrus Addison, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

LB - Kyle West, Pickens, Sr.

LB - Noble Zuschlag, Gilmer, Sr.

LB - Auston Davis, Cartersville, Sr.

DB - Markeith Montgomery, Ridgeland, So.

DB - Trase Fezzia, Cartersville, Jr.

DB - Trey Creamer, Cartersville, Jr.

DB - Kobie Whitfield, Cartersville, Sr.

DB - Xavior Coaxum, Cartersville, Jr.

P - Marcus Byrd, Pickens, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Marcus Byrd, Pickens, Sr.

RB - Chris Pittman, Pickens, Jr.

RB - Chris Henderson, Ridgeland, Jr.

RB - Russell Cochran, Gilmer, Sr.

WR - Antoinne Jefferson, Cartersville, Jr.

WR - Tony Dean, Cartersville, Sr.

WR - Jay Jones, Northwest Whitfield, Jr.

TE - Luke Edwards, Ridgeland, Jr.

OL - Zach Betts, Pickens, Sr.

OL - Luke Shehee, Heritage, Sr.

OL - Parker Roberson, Cartersville, Sr.

OL - Bryce Wilkins, Cartersville, So.

OL - Garrett Cook, Cartersville, Sr.

ATH - Colter Faith, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

K - Alix Lopez, Gilmer, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Torian Scrutchins, Cartersville, Jr.

DL - Brandon Wade, Cartersville, Jr.

DL - Alex Pittman, Pickens, Jr.

DL - Tanner Nance, Heritage, Jr.

DL - Zane Burton, Heritage, So.

LB - Taylor Shirah, Southeast Whitfield, Jr.

LB - Dillin Eilers, Pickens, Sr.

LB - Luke Edwards, Ridgeland, Jr.

LB - Jonah Hobbs, LaFayette, So.

LB - Cody Gillean, Southeast Whitfield, Jr.

DB - Cameron Heard, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

DB - Kell Kiker, Gilmer, Jr.

DB - KaDarrin Ramsey, LaFayette, Jr.

P - Gabe Gridley, Cartersville, Sr.

Honorable mention: DL Grayson Moore, Ridgeland, Sr.; LB Nathan Morgan, Ridgeland, Sr.; DB C.J. Shakelford, Ridgeland, So.; OL Will Hodges, Ridgeland, Sr.; LB Kamron Engler, Gilmer, Jr.; DL Austin Lacy, Gilmer, Jr.; P Dillan Ledford, Gilmer, So.; WR Griffin Cagle, Gilmer, Jr.; TE Jake Parker, Gilmer, Sr.; OL Shane Bowman, Gilmer, Sr.; WR Trent Kiniry, Heritage, Jr.; DL Leo Gandara, Southeast Whitfield, So.; DB Brian Parks, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.; LB Nyvin Nelson, Cartersville, So.; DL Nick Southern, Pickens, Jr.; WR/DB Zack Hermann, Pickens, Sr.; WR/DB Caleb Brooks, Pickens, Sr.; DB Avery Luke, Pickens, Jr.; K Vicente Vaca, Northwest Whitfield, So.; RB Sebastian Orozco, Northwest Whitfield, So.; RB Dominique Sistrunk, Northwest Whitfield, Fr.; OL Tyler Pittman, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.; DL Mason Shepherd, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.; DL Byron Smith, LaFayette, Jr.; K/P Mark Bennett, LaFayette, Sr.; RB T.J. Hawkins, LaFayette, Sr.; OL Donnie Cornett, LaFayette, Sr.; OL Jake Russell, LaFayette, Jr.; LB Cole Warren, LaFayette, Sr.; LB Clayton Lane, LaFayette, Sr.; LB Trevor Bowman, LaFayette, Sr.; TE Bradley Ragano, Pickens, Sr.; OL Andrew Hasbrouck, Pickens, Jr.; DL Cortlin Norton, Pickens, Sr.; DB Will Wotring, Pickens, Jr.

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