Gov. Deal enters school bathroom fray, accuses feds of overreach in transgender guidance

Gov. Nathan Deal today issued a statement in response to the Obama administration's directive to school systems on how to accommodate transgender students in school restroom questions. He does not state Georgia will take the feds to court, but rather asks the state school superintendent to help districts figure out a response to an issued that has blown up into the latest battle in the culture wars.

He says:

While I do not believe this directive carries the force of law, the Departments of Justice and Education have threatened to revoke federal funding from schools that fail to comply. Georgia's constitution and state laws, however, require these decisions be made at the local level.

While our 181 school systems must each determine an appropriate response to this federal overreach, I have asked State School Superintendent Richard Woods to provide guidance to those local school systems seeking assistance and clarity on this issue in order to ensure that there will be as much uniformity across our state as possible.

Until Congress acts, I assure the citizens of Georgia that the offices of the governor, attorney general and state school superintendent will work cooperatively to protect the interests of Georgia's children from this abuse of federal executive authority."