Ranking the ACC by wins per draft pick

At least by one measure, Georgia Tech does more with less better than all but two teams in the ACC.

Over the past five years, the Yellow Jackets have averaged 2.33 ACC wins per draft pick, a rate that, at least to some degree, measures how effectively teams use their talent.

Duke is far and away the leader, at 4.75 wins per draft pick.

Forthwith, the chart (which does not include Louisville, Pittsburgh or Syracuse) with some thoughts/notes below.

Credit: Ken Sugiura

Credit: Ken Sugiura

1. It's no surprise that Duke and Georgia Tech are both at or near the top. Both have competed consistently in the Coastal Division without a proliferation of high-end talent.

2. Florida State's spot at the bottom reveals one of the flaws of this measurement system. The Seminoles are somewhat penalized for having so many draft picks. The maximum rate they could have achieved would have been 1.11.

3. Nevertheless, the volume of players that Florida State and Clemson have sent to the NFL in comparison with the rest of the league is astounding and is another way of illustrating the different playing field that they're on.

In the past five years, the Tigers and Seminoles have had 65 draft picks. Taking out Miami, the other eight schools that have been in the ACC over the past five years have a combined 74 draft picks.

4. Another imperfection: Draft picks don't necessarily equate to talent. For instance, out of the 253 players selected, how many would Tech fans rather have had than quarterback Justin Thomas, who was not drafted? And, also, it doesn't weight a first-round pick over a seventh-round pick.

5. I wouldn't have guessed that Boston College would have had 11 picks, hardly a load, but more than five other teams. The yield has not been particularly robust for the Eagles.

6. Virginia's streak of having at least one player drafted every year ended this weekend at 33. That streak came as a bit of a surprise. Georgia Tech's streak, by comparison, is now four years.

The longest in the ACC (pre-dating its membership in the league) is Miami at 43 years. FSU is next at 34.

7. Four-year rates for Syracuse and Pittsburgh, which joined the ACC in 2013: Syracuse – nine wins, three picks, 3.0. Pittsburgh – 18 wins, 11 draft picks, 1.64.

Three-year rate for Louisville, which joined the ACC in 2014: 17 wins, 13 draft picks, 1.31.

8. Miami had the most draft picks this weekend of any ACC school with nine.

9. The wins column spells out the seemingly undying balance of the Coastal. Five teams (Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina and Virginia Tech) are between 19 and 26 wins. Pitt is in the same mix, averaging 4.5 wins in four years.

10. Georgia Tech's nine draft picks over the past five years: None in 2013. 2014: Jeremiah Attaochu (Round 2, Chargers), Jemea Thomas (Round 6, Patriots), Brandon Watts (Round 7, Vikings). 2015: Shaquille Mason (Round 4, Patriots), DeAndre Smelter (Round 4, 49ers), Darren Waller (Round 6, Ravens). 2016: Adam Gotsis (Round 2, Broncos), D.J. White (Round 6, Chiefs). 2017: Harrison Butker (Round 7, Panthers)

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