Metro Atlanta transit plan: Here’s the project list

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday, a state agency has proposed a list of 76 projects to be included in its initial metro Atlanta transit plan.

The plan includes major rail projects like the Clifton Corridor and the Beltline in Atlanta, a MARTA extension to Norcross and a commuter rail line to Clayton County. It also includes bus rapid transit lines and other improvements across a 12-county area.

The agency plans to roll out the details to the public at a series of public hearings beginning in October. But you don’t have to wait to see the project list.

Below is the list of the projects provided to the AJC by the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (the ATL Board for short), which is assembling the regional transit plan. The agency has divided the projects into three categories.

The first are projects it considers “higher impact/lower cost.” These are projects that would make a big impact with a relatively small investment. You can click on the image to get a close look:

The second batch includes projects that are “higher impact, higher cost.” These are projects that would make a big difference but cost a lot:

The third batch are “lower impact, lower cost” projects – those that don’t cost much but also don’t deliver as much:

This is a tentative list. The agency plans to roll out more details and seek public feedback at the upcoming hearings. You can learn more about those hearings here.

You can learn more about the regional transit plan here.