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Famous Atlantans share where they turn for local comfort food

Even celebrities need comfort food from time to time. Here’s where seven famous Atlanta area residents go to satisfy that need for food that soothes.


Celebrity picks

Jeff Foxworthy


Jeff Foxworthy on the peach cobbler and ice cream at Paschal’s: “I just love it, because it’s historic Atlanta, but, oh my God, there’s fried chicken, fried catfish, great vegetables. But every single time, I get the peach cobbler and ice cream.”

Gail Bean


Gail Bean on the fried fish and grits and wings at Rosie’s Coffee Cafe: “It’s like a little small hole in the wall that not many people know about. I do the fish and grits, like a fried fish and grits, and I have to have the wings. Everything about Rosie’s is comfort, from the moment you walk in the door and you’re greeted, and it feels so homey.”

Brooks Lennon

Atlanta United defender

Brooks Lennon on the focaccia at Yeppa & Co.: “They have these flatbreads, almost foccacia-like flatbreads, that we order for the table, and that’s definitely one of my favorite menu items they have. It’s one of the best atmospheres in a restaurant that I’ve seen in Atlanta. It’s just very homey, especially if you can get a table kind of back near the kitchen. You can see the chefs making the food, making the pasta.”

Kyle Pitts

Atlanta Falcons tight end

Kyle Pitts on the philly cheesesteak at Philly G Steaks: “Chattahoochee (Food Works) got a good dude from Philly who does some good cheesesteaks. Philly, it takes me back to my roots.”

Bud Dupree

Atlanta Falcons linebacker

Bud Dupree on the T-bone steak at Oak Steakhouse: “Just the whole staff, you know, everyone knows me, and so it just feels like a home — it’s like a home-cooked meal without being home. I don’t really gotta dress up; I can go in there as I am.”

Taylor Heinicke

Atlanta Falcons quarterback

Taylor Heinicke on the queso at Cabo’s Mexican Grill: “I’m a big Mexican guy, like queso, guacamole and quesadillas. My dad grew up making cheese dip, so I just fell in love with queso, so anytime there’s queso on the menu, I’m ordering it.”

Bob Rathbun

Atlanta Hawks broadcaster

Bob Rathbun on the eggs and roasted potatoes at J. Christopher’s: “It’s pretty basic; I’ll usually get some eggs, some home fries, an English muffin with some peanut butter. I might splurge one day and get a waffle, but I’m a pretty plain-Jane when it comes to that.”


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