Richard Sherman on ruptured Achilles: ‘l will... come back faster and stronger than ever’

During Thursday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman suffered a ruptured Achilles and is expected to be out for the season.

Sherman, a seven-year veteran, went down on a play and walked off the field unassisted.

Sherman has racked up 35 tackles and to interceptions this season.

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CBS broadcasters read Sherman’s lips during the broadcast, capturing the moment Sherman told quarterback Russell Wilson he was out for the year.

The Seahawks (6-3) went on to win Thursday's game 22-16.

After the game, Sherman tweeted thanks to fans and friends for all the positive messages sent his way and prayers for his health.

“Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers! l will do everything in my Power to come back faster and stronger than ever,” Sherman wrote in part.

After the game, Sherman told media his Achilles had been bothering him all season, but he kept going out on the field to give the Seahawks the best chance to win.

“You got to stay positive,” a visibly emotional Sherman said. “That’s all you can do.”

Sherman’s full postgame press conference can be watched below:

In 2016, Sherman wrote a piece for The Players' Tribune documenting his hatred for Thursday Night Football games.

“The whole idea of Thursday Night Football is terrible. It’s ludicrous. It’s hypocritical... The NFL preaches player safety. The league says it wants to do everything in its power to protect its players. But when it comes down to it, it’s not the players that the NFL protects,” Sherman wrote.