Colquitt’s boys control 7A, GHSA Swimming and Diving updates from Tuesday

Credit: GHSA

Credit: GHSA

Westminster played host to the opening day of the GHSA Swimming and Diving State Championships and on the boy’s side of the state’s highest class, Colquitt County had a day.

The Packers placed three divers on the podium with the Gregory brothers claiming two spots. Tuck Gregory secured first place by scoring 738.50 points and his brother Trip Gregory (671.60) placed third. Bo Bridges finished second, scoring 723.65 points.

For the girls, this year’s 7A state championship featured two divers that both placed in the top three after last season’s state championships. After placing third last year, Brookwood’s Chloe Brothers finished first place this season, scoring 653.60 points. The reigning champion in the class, Colquitt’s Ruth Anne McCranie (615.30) finished second this season followed by Kennesaw Mountain diver Katherine Brooker who scored 587.90 points.

The Woodward boys swim team had two divers on the podium for the second year in a row. After placing second last season, Woodwards R.J. Snyder (645.10) took home first place followed by St. Pius X’s Ryland Gummere (605.90) in second. Dillon Craig of Woodward was the second Eagle on the podium in third place with 518.20 points.

The Johns Creek girls swim team dominated the 6A competition as they had two girls placed on the podium. Ayla Debowsky from Johns Creek scored 607.05 points and took home first place with a fellow Gladiator, Reagan Forkey (208.55), standing next to her on the podium in second place. Debowsky finished second in the state championship last year and was ultimately able to earn first place this season. Leighton Snider (206.55) from North Atlanta finished third next to the two Gladiators.

For the second straight season, a North Oconee diver took home the 4-5A state championship in both the boys and girls’ competition. Aiden Sadler (782.00) of North Oconee became a three-time state champion on Tuesday after placing first for the third year in a row, followed by McCoy Lyman (701.30) of Midtown in second and Brayden LeBoeuf (521.25) of Calhoun placed third.

All three girls who were on the podium last season in Class 4-5A, found their way back there this season. Once again, the competition was dominated by the divers from North Oconee. North Oconee’s Ivy Buckley placed first, winning back-to-back state championships with a score of 658.80. She was followed by Cambridge diver, Brooklyn Petit (628.75) who placed third the year before and Buckley’s teammate, Rin Drudge, placed third this season after a silver medal last year with a 573.15 performance this season.

Aiden Crutchfield of Social Circle took home the gold in the boys Class 1A-3A championship. Crutchfield scored 443.05 points to claim first prize at this year’s state championship. Crutchfield finished second in last year’s state championship but is taking home first prize this time around, beating his score last year by over 30 points.

In Class 1A-3A, Wesleyan’s Abbey Suits won the girls diving state title as she scored a 546.60 performance. East Carolina-commit, Kinsley Baker, of Mount Vernon placed second with a close score of 541.35, six points from first place. Suits and Baker were both on the podium last season as Suits placed second and Baker placed third. This year’s championships was a different story as Suits was able to claim the crown as the top diver in the class with Baker finishing a close second. Betsy Parker of the Atlanta International School finished third scoring a 524.85.

See the class-by-class results below:

7A Boys Diving Results

1. Tuck Gregory, Colquitt, 738.50; Bo Bridges, Colquitt, 723.65; Trip Gregory, Colquitt, 671.60

7A Girls Diving Results

1. Chloe Brothers, Brookwood, 653.60; 2. Ruth Anne McCranie, Colquitt, 615.30; 3. Katherine Brooker, Kennesaw Mountain 587.90

6A Boys Diving Results

1. RJ Snyder, Woodward, 645.10; 2. Ryland Gummere, St. Pius X, 605.90; 3. Dillon Craig, Woodward, 518.20

6A Girls Diving Results

1. Ayla Debowsky, Johns Creek, 607.05; 2. Reagan Forkey, Johns Creek, 208.55, 3. Leighton Snider, North Atlanta, 206.55

4-5A Boys Diving Results

1. Aiden Sadler, North Oconee, 782.00; 2. McCoy Lyman, Midtown, 701.30; 3. Brayden LeBoeuf, Calhoun, 521.25

4-5A Girls Diving Results

1. Ivy Buckley, North Oconee, 658.80; 2. Brooklyn Petit, Cambridge, 628.75; 3. Rin Drudge, North Oconee, 573.15

1A-3A Boys Diving Results

1. Aiden Crutchfield, Social Circle, 443.05

1A-3A Girls Diving Results

1. Abbey Suits, Wesleyan, 545.60; 2. Kinsley Baker, Mount Vernon, 541.35; 3. Betsy Parker, Atlanta International, 524.65