All-region teams: Portal’s Coleman named 3-A Division II player of the year



Here is the all-region team for 3-A Division II, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: QB Ellijah Coleman, Portal, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB Robtravious Coney, Jenkins County, Sr.

Co-defensive player of the year: LB Hudson Henry, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

Co-defensive players of the year: DL Derek Grier, Jenkins County, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK Oisin Matthews, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Amir Jackson, Portal, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Tyrone Martin, Jenkins County, Sr.

QB - Christian Wilson, Jenkins County, Sr.

RB - Z.Z. Wilson, Jenkins County, Sr.

RB - Jamun Coglin, Montgomery County, Jr.

RB - Chase Johnson, Emanuel County Institute, Fr.

WR - Samari McBride, Portal, Jr.

WR - Marquis Martin, Montgomery County, Sr.

WR - Charles McNeal, Portal, Sr.

TE - Jack Walden, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

TE - Dawson Hassler, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

OL - Wayne McClenithan, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

OL - Vance Garvin, Jenkins County, Sr.

OL - Tucker Baird, Portal, Sr.

OL - Marquise Edmonds, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL - Marco Sykes, Portal, Sr.

OL - John Flemming, Portal, Sr.

OL - Dalton Ryals, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

SP - Marion Young, Jenkins County, So.

First-team defense

DL - Tyler Williams, Jenkins County, Jr.

DL - Liam Fordham, Portal, Sr.

DL - Kenneth Thomas, Jenkins County, Jr.

DL - Jordan Handsom, Emanuel County Institute, So.

DL - Jeremiah Gilmore, Jenkins County, Sr.

DL - Javonte Cummings, McIntosh County Academy, Fr.

DL - Brian Steele, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

LB - Mekhi Jackson, McIntosh County Academy, So.

LB - Marcus Smith, Portal, Sr.

LB - Landon Ross, Portal, Sr.

LB - Gabe Lee, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

LB - Darius Wells, Montgomery County, Sr.

LB - Chase Smith, Portal, Jr.

LB - Bray Williamson, Montgomery County, Jr.

DB - Tyree Abraham, Jenkins County, Jr.

DB - Tyler Williams, Jenkins County, Jr.

DB - Reggie Stevens, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DB - Nehemiah West, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

DB - M.J. Quarterman, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

DB - James Parker, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DB - Brian McQueen, Portal, So.

Second-team offense

QB - Joseph Owens, Montgomery County, Fr.

QB - Jackson Kennedy, Emanuel County Institute, So.

WR - J.T. Moye, Jenkins County, Jr.

WR - Harold Washington, Portal, Jr.

WR - Daon Bethea, Emanuel County Institute, So.

TE - Brandon Fowler, McIntosh County Academy, So.

RB - Tuff Boddiford, Emanuel County Institute, So.

RB - Lorinzon Reed, McIntosh County Academy, So.

RB - K.J. Hunter, Portal, Fr.

RB - Earnest McIntosh, McIntosh County Academy, Fr.

OL - Seth Carelock, Montgomery County, Jr.

OL - Heath Davis, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

OL - Dwight Hughes, Jenkins County, Jr.

OL - Corey Lockett, Jenkins County, Jr.

OL - Blake Anderson, Jenkins County, So.

OL - Aden Deal, Portal, Sr.

SP - Alex Morales, Jenkins County, Fr.

Second-team defense

DL - Patron Mack, Emanuel County Institute, Fr.

DL - M.J. Williams, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DL - Lukas Cribbs, Portal, Sr.

DL - Keishan Scott, Jenkins County, Sr.

LB - Tyler Alexander, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

LB - Kendrick Thomas, Jenkins County, Jr.

LB - Jaylyn Ellison, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

LB - Elijah McEwen, Montgomery County, Fr.

LB - Cooper Motes, Portal, Jr.

LB - A.B. Marsh, Emanuel County Institute, Fr.

DB - Rashad Smith, Emanuel County Institute, Fr.

DB - Clayton Stripling, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DB - Aquido Jackson, Portal High School, Sr.

ATH - Jayden Harris, Montgomery County, Jr.

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